Tuesday, January 19, 2010

20 Is My New Favorite Number!

Ellen posting and I'm elated to report that we reached the 20 week mark this past Sunday. It was an exciting milestone (normally the halfway mark with a singleton pregnancy) and while we know the twins will be making an appearance before 40 weeks, it was still worth celebrating.

We had an appointment on Monday with the peri (ob specialist). Kevin had to work so I went to Richmond solo. We had a full house in the exam room with Brooke, Dan and myself and a special appearance from Brooke's son Benji (age 5). Everything went well and, as always, the u/s was completely amazing. Baby A is in the breech position (apparently Brooke hasn't been doing the proper "visualization exercises") and Baby B was laying lengthwise across her stomach. Baby A weighs about 13 ounces and Baby B was 12 ounces. Baby B was very active and moving all about and we actually witnessed him kicking his brother in the head. I know...I should be very worried!

Brooke, Benji and I had a nice lunch and then headed over to Brooke's house to relieve Grandpa of his babysitting duties with Brooke's other two boys. I was given a grand tour of the Collawn house and we then were able to hang out, relax and enjoy the day.

I am attempting to post a 3D u/s picture that Brooke was able to talk the u/s technician into giving us. It might take a minute to figure out that you are looking at their faces, but it is absolutely amazing what you can see! They still look a little alien (those were the u/s tech's words, not mine) but that will change as they start to fatten up a bit.

And before I end this entry, I would like to nominate Benji to be our birthing coach. Apparently, he has watched enough episodes of "The Baby Story" on The Discovery Channel to know that someone is going to have to yell "Push", "Push" for Brooke to be able to get these babies out.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Pretty much half way there!

Well, not a whole lot new going on here. I've been feeling pretty good. This is the so called "honeymoon" stage of the pregnancy I know. Before too long I'll be getting uncomfortable I'm sure with two little guys in there. I'm definitely growing more quickly than I did with any of my own. A little worried they won't make maternity clothes big enough for me by the time I reach 30something weeks. We're at 18wks. now and my goal is to make it to 38, although I'd settle for 37wks. 36wks. puts us at Mother's Day weekend and also my oldest son's birthday weekend so I'm hoping to at least make it past there. I keep thinking positively because there's no reason not too. It's been an exciting ride so far and I'm sure it will continue to be!