Monday, November 30, 2009

Lots of Pics

Kevin here, using Ellen's account since I can't figure out my own contributor account (and, don't ask how long it took to scan these photos on to the computer... no, really, I do understand computers (somewhat)).

Due to recent ACL reconstructive surgery, I was not able to go to the last doctor's visit, which was to the "peri". I kept asking Ellen if they can record the U/S to a DVD or CD (I understand this is something they do), but apparently I had to settle for the "old fashioned" method of pictures. They were just as impressive as a video. The little "guys" are growing like, well, uh, weeds. There was some great definition of their various body parts (no, not able to tell that part, although, that would be impressive....).

It really is hard to believe that we are about to have a mega-instant-family coming our way in the next few months. One child, sure, can handle that. Two? Wow, changes the whole situation quite a bit, but we always wanted multiple children (reality hits you like a sledge hammer). Right now both Ellen and I are concerned that our garbage pickup just recently changed to once a week. Can you imagine what the diaper situation will be like with twins during the summer months? In our family we have a code word for smell (from the dogs) and it is "pongo". I think we are going to encounter quadruple pongo this summer, every week.

Brooke has been such a trooper. I was pretty much out of it last week, but we had a great conversation (well, at least I think we did), and it was a nice distraction from having my knee on fire. Also, I just have to give a shout out and congratulations to Danny, who is officially off the medication part of this trip -- I know how you feel, but some times isn't it gratifying to stab your significant other with a needle? Uh, I mean, how great is it that you don't have to do that any more....

I completely agree with one of Ellen's last posts that time just seems to be crawling along. The widget on this site is fantastic, and at times seems to completely resemble the upside down and right side up situation of our two little kickers (or, shooters if they play basketball).

It will be one crazy summer, that is all I can say. Thanks so much, Brooke and Danny, we are looking forward to our continued friendship and bonding.

- Kevin

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just Awesome!

Ellen here - still excited from our day yesterday! As Brooke said, we had a great appointment and u/s. To be this far along is fantastic and Baby A & Baby B are really looking like babies! Our tech did a great job explaining the details of what she was doing and what we are seeing. We watched everything on the TV monitor and of course both Dan and Kevin felt it should have been a large flat screen for us to view everything. The second half of the appointment was with a new doctor for Brooke. Dr. D isn't new to the practice and actually delivered (or tried to get there in time) to deliver baby #2 for Brooke, but she normally saw another physician. We really liked her and think that we are in good hands. She asked if we were going to find out the sexes and said she would if she were us...she doesn't like surprises! She speaks the truth as far as I'm concerned!
Our next step is an u/s with the perinatologist in a few weeks and we also get on a regular schedule with Dr. D. She told us we would be getting a lot of u/s with twins and we certainly like that part. I can't wait to complete the first trimester. We are starting to breathe a little easier but at this point, I imagine we will be a little bit anxious for this entire journey.

Another great appt.!

Well yesterday was our first appt. with the OB. I was officially 10wks.2days yesterday. We had an u/s scheduled first at 11 and it was very exciting to see how much the babies have grown! They are doing beautifully. Baby A was measuring in at 10wk.5d and Baby B measured in at 10wk4d so he is catching up to A! He was measuring about 4 days smaller than A, but now he seems to be right along with A! It was absolutely amazing to see them moving around and see the little flicker which was their heartbeats. I forget which was which but one was around 180bpm and the other was about 171bpm. Both very strong heartbeats. The u/s tech took a good amt. of time measuring and showing us different things. Baby B is an overachiever and already head down so they are basically laying feet to head and head to feet if you can picture that. The u/s tech switched the settings so it was almost like a thermal image and we could actually see the blood flow through the umbilical cord. That was really neat to see. It was all just so surreal. We really got to see a lot of things. Baby B decided to be very active and was moving all over the place. The have little arm buds now and we could see their spines. They have redone my OB office so the u/s room was a little different than it has been with my own pregnancies. They now have a screen in on the wall so that I can see the u/s too without having to turn my head and look at the moniter on the actual machine. It was much nicer. I was just mesmorized watching everything. It truly is amazing!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ellen posting -
I'm not going to start my post discussing how I can't stand waiting and how there isn't much going on....silence....crickets chirping...
Okay, all kidding aside, I realize that by watching the baby ticker, there is a lot really going on inside Brooke - we just think it is slow! I was thinking that I would like to watch the baby ticker on my screen all day at work but that might not be a good idea since we haven't told anyone yet.
We have less than a week until our first o/b appointment (with u/s). It will be over 10 weeks for us and that's a big milestone. Brooke only has another week of shots and then will be on her weaning protocol and I know Danny will be very happy about that. He has been our junior nurse through this adventure and I know he will be happy to give up his night job! That's about it for me. Let's just let time march on...